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Our polyclinic

   We brought together a lot of details to achieve our dream polyclinic. We took our place in the Santra towers in Çayyolu, one of the prestigious locations of Ankara, which almost everyone will know. In addition to its barrier-free feature for our patients, we made all the architectural touches with great care. We have completed all our work to incorporate the most up-to-date technologies in 2023, when we opened.
   We brought together different styles at Santra, aiming to provide our patients with a unique treatment experience. We aimed for the best with our spacious waiting room, dim corridors that take you to your treatment, and clinics equipped with vintage designs.
   Of course, we needed a solid team as well as unique design and state-of-the-art equipment. We have crowned our polyclinic with physicians who have proven themselves through years of experience in their fields of expertise.
   We are waiting for our new stories with the pride we feel in achieving satisfaction in every patient whose life we have touched since the first patient who stepped into Santra.
Sema Cetin
Merve Yiğit
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